Have Our Experts Professionally Install Your New Gas Appliances

When designing your new outdoor living space, you may decide to get natural gas or propane appliances. Always hire a professional, like Innovative Outdoor Kitchens and Living, to properly and safely install them.

Incorrectly installed appliances aren't only dangerous, but they're also inefficient. Modern propane and natural gas powered appliances may have higher gas volume demands and pressure requirements than older versions. Without training and experience with gas appliance installation, it's very easy to make mistakes and not see the full benefits and cost savings that gas-powered appliances can offer.

When properly installed, gas appliances are safer, more efficient, and less likely to experience problems or need replacement. Innovative Outdoor Kitchens and Living's knowledgeable, well-trained appliance installers know how to install gas appliances so they perform safely and at their optimal efficiency levels. We will run gas lines or connect existing ones to your new appliance carefully and in compliance with all codes and regulations.

Before we leave your property, we'll make sure that you're 100% satisfied with our work and know how to use all the features of your brand-new gas-powered appliance.

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